Happy Birthday Gary

Happy Birthday Gary

Mark Anundson, Brad Edwards & Sean Parrott make white noise. Three comedians talking about whatever, then they play “Which Is Better?” and hilariously compare and contrast two things. That sounds stupid, but it’s really funny.


Happy Birthday Gary – Episode 8 – Sherlock Holmes vs. Columbo

May 14, 2010 in podcast

Sherlock Holmes vs. Columbo!

(NOT Jesus vs. Superman. Also NOT X-Man vs. Kenn Webb.)

  • True, the Happy Birthday Gary podcast was kicked off of iTunes. They cite a copyright violation.. I assume it was when you played STYX at the end of your robot episode? If you want, we can edit the song out and re-upload that episode and resubmit the podcast to the iTunes directory. It’s up to you.. and of course Gary.

  • Madholman


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